a professionally designed fitted bedroom

Having a professionally fitted bedroom is a great way to make sure that your bedroom has a neat appearance. To a large extent, having a fixed place for all your daily needs will make it possible to spend less time picking any mess or clutter you leave behind for whenever you are in the bedroom.
Having fitted wardrobes and workspaces will utilize all the valuable space you have in your room, effectively. The first is hiring a skilled craftsman to do the measuring and then make the units so everything is customized to the right dimensions of the room. Alternatively, you can get some good deals by purchasing ready assembled units and asking a carpenter to do the final finish for you. With the second option there is big risk of some of the furniture fitting perfectly, especially if the room awkward corners or window seats. At least if you have the whole room designed by an expert it will guarantee an exact fit of the furniture to occupy as much of the space as you want. If you like a lot of desk space and shelf space then design it accordingly.
Once your storage space is perfectly planned to cater for all the available space in the room, it means you can add more details like shoe racks, make-up portal, spaces for folded clothes such as sweaters and underclothes etc. It will give the whole a brand new and highly natural feel to it. Once you have concluded that it is a fitted bedroom you desire, then there some things you have to keep in mind:
Style of d├ęcor- Decide on the paint of the walls and curtains and create a mood for the room.
Furniture Material- For the best and long-lasting results choose natural wood wardrobes, as they will improve with age. Also they keep clean with a soft cloth and some polish; make sure that the soft furnishings and the hardwood furniture blend well together; and finally usage of the room for study or work purposes, choose the furniture to reflect a certain amount of functionality when using the space.

To make your fitted bedroom look great if you are going for work station then do not choose a bulky one if your room is small or if you want a chest of draws then have an inbuilt one as fitted bedrooms looks so much nicer.